Big, unique ideas have a habit of making headlines. Parkland Properties has been busy promoting innovative places to live and watching buildings and neighborhoods transform. Check out articles about Parkland Properties below, or read news about specific current developments: Boardwalk, Union Square, HighPoint Flats.

Check out the articles about Grand Rapids and trends of people moving into urban areas nationwide. Also see the USA Today article predicting a huge surge of population growth, primarily in metropolitan areas like downtown Grand Rapids.

Addressing The Economy.pdf At Home Downtown.pdf Boardwalk Goes Condo.pdf Business Award article.pdf Businesses Get Honors.pdf Condo Communities, By Grand Rapids Magazine.pdf Development Still Alive In Downtown Muskegon.pdf Forbes Magazine Article.pdf GRMEP Move to Grand rapids.pdf Money magazine GR 9th in nation for value increase.pdf Shoring Up The Shoreline.pdf Tax Free Living.pdf Urban areas to see surge in residents.pdf Where will everybody live.pdf Why can't we be more like GR.PDF